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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Titanic (1997) with Malay Subtitle By 7wonder Up By keltz

Summary :-

A film “Titanic” by James Cameron. I just re watched Titanic for the first time in a long time. Expecting to simply enjoy the story again. The movie begins in modern times with the exploration of the wreck by a group searching for treasures, that sunk with the Titanic, which has recently occurred. One of the survivors of the Titanic, Rose DeWitt Bukater, who had heard of the exploration of the wreck on television and is flown to the boat where the search is being led from to tell of what she remembers to help the search. echnically the film is very well done. To get footage of the wreck at the bottom of the ocean it took twelve dives to get all of the footage needed for the movie. In addition, a special camera had to be created to withstand the intense pressure at the bottom of the ocean. A minor quibble, though. This is truly an excellent movie. My only regret is not seeing it in the theatre, where I think it would have been so much more impressive

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Download Titanic (1997) with Malay Subtitle By 7wonder Up By keltz :-




Titanic (1997) Subtitles Malay :-


Pass :


asalamualikum..tuan rumah boleh saya mendapatkan subtitle sahaja? sebab movie saya dah ada..

Ello..mcmmne na download full movie titanic 1997 full movie

cm mana nk download video ni?

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