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Monday, January 2, 2012

Datin Ghairah (2011) DVDRip | 350MB | MKV


Source: Datin Ghairah (2011) DVDRip RMVB/AVI-KURYU 
Encoder: spyDer 
Genre: Comedy | Romance 
Runtime: 89 min 
User Rating: N/A Country: 
Malaysia Language: Malay 
Subtitle: None 
IMDB Link: 


From the team that brought you “Jalang” comes this new De Baron comedy. Datin Gharirieyah, better known as Datin Ghairah (Maria Farida), is the widow of wealthy Malaysian businessman Dato’ Mahfuz (Aaron Aziz). She seeks to expand the family’s financial empire with the help of retired military man Captain Loqman (Hairee Othman). Her family’s safety is also assured with the presence of a bodyguard named Bob (Yank Kassim). Meanwhile, Sufian (Faizal Hussein) who was a friend of Dato’ Mahfuz, tries to court Datin Ghairah to his business advantage. 

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