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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Loser Lover (2010) SDTV | 280MB | RMVB + Malay Hardsub


Source: Loser Lover (2010) SDTVRip RMVB-KURYU 
Encoder: Kuryu 
Genre: Drama 
Country: Thailand 
Language: Thai 
Subtitle: Malay 


Sudkhet, young gentlemen with a different outlook on life lives his life with unassuming ease that nothing is more important that his own happiness. Aspiring to be a musicians, he travels with his partner, Under, to audition after audition although they get rejected almost every single time.Then, at an audition, he meets Mayom, a carefree spirit with no regard for physical attractiveness who slowly starts to fall in love with Sudkhet. Thing start to get interesting when an old love interest of Mayom enters the picture. 

Download Link :- 

Password : spyDer


broken link,,please update

hi, use hulk share @ gamefront ni hard-sub ke?

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